Measured kindness Mixed and racing Emotions let loose Opinions and facts Falling face first Special is just An average word In a world where Logic is broken Heard until muted Smart, sort of Funny… kinda Always crumbling Sad and fragile Trying to keep Being relevant Useful somehow Important In enough moments To be enough In … More IN A WORLD


The words lack the right letters The ways they sound wrong The ways they look wrong The words are too scrambled The ways they don’t emote The ways they stay silent The words are too faded The ways they are erased The ways they stutter Sometimes they make sense When they are pretending To mean … More SOMETIMES


The battle is fought inside the storm Where the wet refuses to shake and dry Where the crimson colors dark and light Coat the ground and paint the sky night


Songs rest upon my skin Notes so soft and small Are you listening? Can you feel the melodies The hopeless harmonies? Can you feel words marked In Braille upon my chest? Can you read the music As it’s treble fingers dance Toward the hunger Swelling in my belly? Come my love and let me Share … More OUR SYMPHONY


The whispers came Quietly scampering As if in a dusty attic “Go away” she cried Hoping they’d listen You don’t matter They would taunt You never did You never will They continued “Go away” she cried Trying to mute them But they stayed And they fed On her anxiety On her frustration On her self … More THE WHISPERS


I tried to Slip quietly Out the back But the door Squeaked Then slammed Shut For a few moments I stared Hard at the stars I sucked in air And watched As ice crystals Carried My exhale away The slamming door Woke her up Mommy? Are you okay? Yea baby I was just thinking About … More MADE FOR TWO


If I could see you face to face I’d reach out and pull you in. I’d hold you for just the right amount of time to absorb your tears, the ache in your heart, your worries, and your pain. It wouldn’t matter who was at fault. I wouldn’t tell you what you did wrong or … More FEEDING HEARTS


You’re beautiful And so are you All the people Doing what’s good You’re trying And so are you All the ways You think you should But it’s never enough And that’s not bad Because it’s time The restricting dad Of the universe Whispering to us Does it matter? Just be good Just keep trying Even … More NEVER ENOUGH


In here the air is still Maybe more hollow A black hole wraps me Inside its stomach As sound disappears Brain is swallowed And I can no longer Feel my own soul But there is something Nudging me, or pulling Something from beyond Reaching silently, towards Into what has become The home I’ve created A … More BLACK HOLE LIFE


Deceit grows a knotted vine Flowers tangled up in twine Wrapping itself around Things unsaid, said carefully Not said at all, implied Forming rows and rows Of tiny little white lies sowed Made-up stories to placate Worry lines dive into deep sea Looking for air hopelessly Where only the dark survives This is where sadness … More SINKING


I follow the signs The cues are there Lined up, waiting I ponder them As they flash and blink They don’t make sense They don’t add up They flash and blink And blink and blink They won’t stop flashing As if I’m dense, or slow Or obstinate or…. I sit mesmerized waiting For them to … More DAMN SIGNS


The years melt away. Only a few of the moments stick like stubborn icicles that refuse to drip. I don’t want to lose the memories I have. The good or the bad. I sit here decorating the Christmas tree again. So many memories hanging as reminders of some of those icicles that somehow found a … More ALWAYS WINTER


I have a hard time communicating my emotions.  Emotions aren’t exactly like facts.  They aren’t either JUST this way or that.  They are layered.  Like colors they can be combined and mixed. Each emotion is very different. How do I feel?  Well that’s a complicated one. Do you have some time for me to try … More LEAKY FAUCET


It’s easy to get caught up in our own emotions. Tangled inside our own traps. It’s easy even when we can barely look at ourselves in the mirror. It’s easy even as we are avoiding any kind of self discovery. Many moments I feel lost, abandoned by time Swimming in a world without signs, directionless … More LYRICAL FORAY


I was a piece of thread Twisted into a thousand knots Tied around the moon Tied around the hurt Tied around the ‘never-minds’ Woven inside the tapestry That laid upon your bed Laced between fingers Praying about things unsaid These thousand twisted knots Have made me stronger And I’ll make you stronger too A.R. at … More A THOUSAND KNOTS


Just move along miss! I’ve always hated hearing that piece of advise. As if the past can be painted over. The past is connected to your future like it or not. Even those things you don’t remember… they are there waiting for tomorrow just like you. It’s a small hole That dark spot You try … More BECAUSE STAINS


I think about all the kisses I’m missing. The songs I’m not hearing. The sighs and the yawns. The laughter and the wishful thinking.


I believe it is only with some distance we begin to see our true motivations. Get too close to anything and it tends to become blurry. Meditation for me is more about finding not only balance but the right distance. We forget sometimes to take the time to appreciate our breath. How valuable our ability … More FINDING MOTIVATION


Surround yourself with colorful people. You never know when you’ll need to borrow a shade or two. A.R. at Bill at Cyn at David at Dean at Echo at Erica at Jessie at Jesska at Julie at Matt at Namy at Nessa at … More SHADE OF BRUISE


*INSPIRED BY THE VIDEO BELOW Watch me, one kick is all it takes Give me your best combat posture Free flowing flexibility, come at me I’ll give you a little taste of disaster Watch out, this ain’t fake stuff Give me your best snappy punch Bust a move, come on little man Let me take … More JUST ONE KICK


I am seeing a pattern emerge As I sit here reading and writing my words Like a constellation in the sky My emotions move, they change Sometimes slowly like an evolving season Sometimes spinning at hurricane speeds In the very beginning, before the patterns The words seem scattered and distant Like a ping pong ball … More MY CONSTELLATION


People are fascinating.  I love listening to them and figuring out what makes them work.  Tell me your history, your dreams, your greatest fears.  I like to learn how we are the same and how we are different. As much as I like to listen I also like to talk.  However, talking is hard for … More THE STITCHES


Sometimes we see people, not how they are, but how we want them to be.  When that happens relationships deteriorate.  That person will never live up to your expectations.  The only person you should be asking to live up to your expectations is yourself.   Longing for a truth that never existed For words that … More UNSPOKEN


Sometimes it’s hard see a situation clearly when you are in the middle of living it. I’ve lived enough years to know heartache isn’t something we can escape. We all go through it and sometimes it threatens to rip our world apart. Sometimes it sends us spiraling emotionally out of control. We will grasp for … More IF I HAD KNOWN


Last night I took my daughter to see NF. I watched as she stood singing every song word for word. I noticed the wonder in her eyes as she took in the lights, the music, and the performance. She has been to concerts before but this one was special. This was the first concert she … More MY FINAL EPISODE