My mind is mad A warship sunk Painted in shades Of millennial rust Man the cannons Raise the flags Today we sail Until once again We falter and fail Advertisements


You found me in my dreams again And again I couldn’t see your face Only a shape dancing around me Coaxing me from my hiding spot Chasing me to the next dark corner Destroying any safety, any comfort You stole my peace.  And my trust. And here I am left picking at wounds Trying to … More BECAUSE OF YOU


I’ve always expected so much from myself. And now I see my daughter doing the same. We want to paint rainbows in the sky. To rain glitter down on life’s parade. And sometimes we get stuck in the mud. Sometimes we want the mud to swallow us up. BUT what gets us unstuck is the … More EXPECT MORE


We live in a world Where fire rages And water drowns And if we must be fire Let us use it to warm And to give light to dark And if we must be water Let us heal the thirsty And rain on the parched We get to choose How we get on with life


It takes love Fiercely passionate Patient and kind In a world Breeding hate And mistrust Making love A casualty Of childhood We must fight To mine diamonds From our hearts Every single day We can’t give up In our pursuit To discover To uncover The gems hidden Under the pain And anger And we must … More MINE DIAMONDS


  Last night this song came on and though I love this song I have never listened to the words. I was sitting next to my daughter and listening to her belt it out. It was beautiful. Her voice, her strength, her… happiness. I felt, at that moment, she would be okay. She would be … More HELP ME RISE UP


This morning on the way to work I was listening to FUN’s song CARRY ON. I really don’t know the words but this is how the song made me feel. I looked over to see The beauty of night Holding your heart Preparing it to fly I wondered and mused Just for a minute or … More BEFORE YOU GO


He thought the rain was purple I liked purple but I saw more To me it was a million colors Depending on mood, or eyes Or even how the light dances As the drops begin to fall Lazy blues, soft yellow hues Crazy reds bleeding from the sky Pinks falling like rose petals Greys dropping … More THE COLOR OF RAIN


I just started watching Game of Thrones.  My favorite character is Daenerys Targaryen.  She is beautiful.  She is strong.  She is compassionate.  I wonder… if she were a Dragon what kind would she be. I was born a dragon With white feathers From head to toe I never learned Like all dragons do To breathe fire … More IF SHE WERE A DRAGON


She wanted to hear the words She’d said them so many times But all she got were excuses Why… she shouldn’t say them No matter how much she did No matter how far she’d go It would never be enough The world would still end The flames would still go out And she’d be left … More HER OWN INSANITY


I fall apart too often Thinking about things Better left buried Angry about things Done to the many Defenseless kids In the name of self Satisfaction? Gratification? Clinging to hope As if they’ll be their Salvation? Abused, neglected Fending and fighting Having to figure out What the hell is what I’m pissed as hell We … More KEEP OUT


Don’t breathe I fear I’ll break One small sigh And my porcelain Will surely crack Not even the sky Can blink softly Enough I fear To keep me Together here Don’t touch I’m electricity My tears fatal If they fall Upon you So run quick Before I crumble My thousand And thousand And thousand Shards … More A THOUSAND SHARDS


Come closer Let me see What threaded Colors you keep What binds your Heart to your chest What laces your Soul to your spirit Tell me my friend Do you come in peace? Or are you hiding A dagger beneath Made of bone? Or a hacksaw With metal teeth? Come closer Those colors They will … More COME CLOSER


  It wasn’t that she didn’t love.  It’s that she couldn’t anymore.  Her heart was a teeter-totter that happiness and despair played on.  And despair.  Well despair doesn’t play fair. Happiness wanted music and poetry.  To have her hand held.  To be listened to and laughed with.  Happiness didn’t ask for much.  Just attention.  Just … More DESPAIR AND HAPPINESS


  It would mean death Slow and unrelenting Deep and deep and deep Dark descending thoughts With teeth sharpened Sinking in time With every drawn breath Until there is no more Rising and falling It would mean death To pretend the monster Isn’t lurking under the bed Or behind your door Or inside their eyes … More IN DENIAL


I sit lost between lines Where logic and insanity Like to play tug-of-war Watching as tormented Setting the world on fire I watch in silence For fear my tongue Might be made of fuel That I might contribute To the devised disorder I ready myself to watch As those who dance Among the flames Get … More ASH MAKERS


My phone kept chirping. I didn’t want to look at it so I  left the phone on my nightstand and left the bedroom.  The rest of the house was dark so I flipped light switches on as I walked barefoot over hardwood floors that creaked with each step. I hate it when these melancholy moods hit.  I focus on my existence. The … More SHIT HAPPENS


And still To this day I awake Prepared For battle Even after All the trying The kicking The screaming The struggling The fighting For years Upon years I will wake Sword in hand Ready to fight Some days I think I win A glorious victory Bathing me In rainbow colors Washing from me The inky … More INSIDIOUS SHADOWS


I reconciled myself to you Felt the misery and the joy Your pain and heartache I yearned to take from you I brought my golden thread And I set out to sew pieces That were dangling there You were ragged and torn But an original rarity Beauty far beyond each fray I stitched the neglected parts The … More TARNISHED GOLD


The world thinks I am mad Crazy stamped inside eyes As blue as the morning sky The label is a straightjacket I wear each day, every night And I wonder if they know How tight I had to stitch Each thought to its master How diligent I am stoking A fire that so quickly dies Do … More CRAZY EYES


It was in the sincerity With which you spoke I first found myself In love with you The way you laughed At the ridiculous things The way you found inspiration Inside the mundane everyday Or the way you exposed The literal nature Of absolutely everything It was in the passionate way You spoke of your … More I PLAN TO LOVE YOU


My closet is full Of old worn lives Tried for a time And then hung To remind me Like music does Of the magic One can find In transformation


  The edge of the bed Grew warm as she sat Listening to water run Just another day She barely whispered She lived in shadows She was the slight breeze That moved the trees Not even a gust She was invisible Transparent to most And yet she existed In the periphery Giving the trees a … More FOR YOU… ALWAYS


Feel my words Read them Let them flow You the leaf My words The breeze Sustaining you Inside your whirlwind But they won’t I want my thoughts To wrap around you Drown you inside A silent comfort And caress your soul Making your heart Feel completely whole But they won’t Although my words Are pure … More FISHNET BLUES


I cried this morning Angry at myself For my selfishness For my wanting So much from life What right have I? To want at all? What right have I? To feel I deserve? I want things I will never have And those things I do get! I abuse. Because I’m a brat Worse than entitled … More FACING MY HUMAN


She was stuck inside a feeling Of extreme want with no escape Her desires were a constant Warmth threatening to burn her Branding her insides intimately Composure was becoming hard The more they talked, his voice The more they learned, his life The more she wanted, just him She craved being a part of him … More TO END WITH A KISS