Last nights dream:

It’s dark because my eyes are closed.

I hear a chorus of familiar voices screaming at me.  I keep my eyes closed because I am afraid of what I might see.  I have the sense I am standing in front of a mob waiting for the first stone to hit me.

I am cold; it is windy, and I am crying.  I can feel my shoulders shaking with each sob and I feel my tears burning my eyes as they try to escape.

A loud voice yells strong above the crowd.

“Why can’t you see?”

All the other voices had gone silent but that voice kept repeating, “Why can’t you see?” as it floated closer and closer to me.

Then I could feel his breath in my ear as he whispered, “Why can’t you see?”

I was afraid as strong hands grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me until it was my own hysterical scream that echoed, “Open your eyes and just look!”

The same strong hands grabbed me around the throat as I fell to my knees.  I couldn’t breathe and in a panic I opened my eyes and realized the hands choking me were my own.


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