It was hot and sunny! My daughter was a teetering toddler.  She kept trying to get around my legs to get in the “wa wa mommy!”  She had a one track mind, focused on getting into the neighborhood swimming pool with her daddy.

I handed her to daddy who was waiting for her in the pool. I needed to run home for her swim shoes because the concrete around the pool was hot.

Most of the dream I spent trying to find my house, I couldn’t find the right street and all the houses looked wrong.  They were all the same color of turquoise with sheet metal roofs and windows boarded up with sheets of plywood.

I never found my house but the sun was going down and dusk was casting shadows across the lake near the pool.  (pool-house seen above back left)

I walked through the pool-house gates to find my husband standing, without my daughter, talking to a few neighbors.  My daughter was nowhere.  I started screaming at my husband.

I looked in the pool and saw a huge Anaconda swimming beneath the surface and it’s stomach had a large lump in it.  My daughter!

The snake had eaten my daughter!

I went to jump into the pool and the snake slithered out and into the lake before I could even break the surface.  She was gone…

I woke up screaming!


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