He and I were on a Ferris Wheel.  It was dark and we were completely alone.

“You are beautiful.” he told me.

His smile stayed the same but his eyes kept changing.


“You are beautiful.” was all he said as his eyes flashed and the background whirred by.

Fireworks went off in the distance and the Ferris Wheel screeched to a halt leaving us stranded at the very top to watch them.  He scooted closer to me and leaned in for a kiss as the firework’s bombarded the silence.

His kiss felt like home.  I opened my eyes to peer around his face to the fireworks as they exploded into cookie cutter shapes.

CLOVER    PEACE      HEART     BOW     ARROW     KNIFE     GUN  

I then realized he was holding my wrists too tight.  I looked down and there was blood flowing through his fingers.  I looked up and his face looked panicked as if he was trying to stop the blood.  My heart beat faster and I tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t let me.

I looked up and his eyes had turned midnight black.  What had looked like panic at first became a smirk of satisfaction and the last firework I saw was:



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