Vision blurred

Night turning to day

Then back to night

With each breath

Heart fast

Running over rooftops

Walking across ledges

Falling into bins

Filled with guts

Running again


And skinning knees

Gouging palms

With pebbled stone

Laughter in front of me

Screams behind me

Faces without eyes

Only mouths



One building

Orchestra of sound

Then quiet

But for the gust

Of wind sweeping

Around my limbs

I am a running tree

Through a meadow

Of llamas looking at me

Helicopter seeds

By the millions

Carried by hurricane winds

Cut into me

And I bleed

And I run

And I cry

And I run

And then…

The ocean hits my feet

And the blood on me

Turns to honey

As I walk towards

The drinking sun


One thought on “DRINKING SUN

  1. Confident incompetent
    The sun become my sin
    Heartbeat threads constrictive wires
    Now bound beneath my skin
    With crayons I shall draw my rage
    And let the shadows in

    I welcome them.


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