The road was empty because it was too early for the world to be awake.  The stars were playing hide and seek behind runaway clouds and the branches clicked every time the wind threw a tantrum.

I felt like a possum seeking warmth from the asphalt.

I lined my body up with the double yellow lines, closed my eyes, and let a favorite tune dance among my thoughts.  And after awhile they moved…

The double yellow lines began to squirm.

They tried to wriggle free from under me.  I could feel their elasticity as they stretched long in a desperate attempt to pop me.

I smiled because I knew what they had planned and I refused to let them lead me further into the unknown.  They represented destiny and fate.  Parallel comrades guiding me towards a future only they have seen.

Silly yellow lines…

They became very still underneath my weight so I opened my eyes feeling a bit victorious…

but for the van they lead right into me.


7 thoughts on “DOUBLE YELLOW LINES

  1. Prince Avalanche, yellow lines, miles and miles of yellow lines, along asphalt through a burnt out forest, people recovering their lives. In a way your poem had me recollecting this film, I’d only watched it a couple of days back (a small film out of Texas), but it was the yellow lines, isolation, along with two infrequent characters, who might be described as fate and destiny in some way. I’m still yet to watch the Icelandic film this one is based upon.) Your fresh quote, coupled with your photograph, shows well how we sometimes get caught up between the ride and the weight (wait), in that time of the morning when people are not weary, one’d stop and ask, do you need a hand up, a ride. Maybe…


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