I feel I need to remind people I am not a writer so these dream journals are probably fragmented. They are written the way I feel them in my dream. That being said they may not make complete sense but I hope you enjoy them anyway.


She watched as a thousand comets rained from the sky. Once they had broken the atmosphere they slowed down and looked like parachutes riding gravity. Each orb of light landed like fireflies, soft upon the earth’s surface before fading to black.

Every year she would visit the same flat rock situated halfway between two shores of a flowing river. The rock was big enough to allow three people to stretch out flat when it wasn’t underwater.

She would often find someone making out on her rock and would have to sit in the shadows and wait her turn. She didn’t mind sharing because it really was a magical place. She imagined the rock was responsible for a great many babies in this world. Truth be told she had made out with her boyfriend plenty of times here.

Tonight she left the 4th of July party early. Her boyfriend was being a dick flirting with all her girlfriends so she doubted he’d even miss her. She made her way through the trees at a quarter to midnight until she found the edge of the river.

Recent record rainfalls kept the river full. She slipped out of her red, white, and blue cotton dress and waded into the chin deep water to search for her rock. It didn’t take her long to find it even though the surface was 3 inches underwater.

She sprawled out on her back and let the water caress the curves of her body in the dark. Every time her mind fell on her boyfriend’s flirty laugh she would let the sound of the river carry it away. As her mind emptied into the stream she felt a warm breeze hit her belly. She opened her eyes to a pair of eyes.

The shadow with water eyes hovered above her, staring at her, studying her. She noticed other shadows lurking in her periphery. She tried to move but she couldn’t. Somehow her own hands held her to the rock. Her voice came out a gurgle and she couldn’t draw in breath.

She was drowning and it felt like living.

This was the perfect place to watch the fireworks.

The comets flew through the air and rained fire down into her watery atmosphere.



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