I sat in the sandbox wearing a white sundress and sandals. I had little feet and little hands. My pig tails dangled toward the sand as I leaned over to build a sand dome.

I got up to take my sandals off because I hated how the sand felt where the bottom of my feet met the soles. Plus, my mom had bedazzled them and I was worried the sand would get stuck in the jewels.

As my back was turned a little boy came and jumped on my sand dome. He stood there daring me to say something about it. I was disappointed but just picked another corner to build another one.

This time he didn’t wait for me to turn my back to jump on it.


I was frustrated and asked him to please stop but he just shrugged and went back to playing with his friends.

I sat there picking up handfuls of sand and letting it just trickle through my fingers back into the sandbox. It was pointless to build anything else and I didn’t know any of the other kids.

As I sat mesmerized by the falling sand a shadow fell over me and I noticed a little boy settling near me. He started building a dome like the one I had made.

He kept glancing at me as he very methodically scooped at the sand. He repositioned himself to include me but I just watched. He smiled and nodded as if asking if I wanted to help and I returned a hesitant smile.

His dome was already bigger than the two I had made. He looked at me again and I moved closer and added a few more scoops. After each scoop we both shaped the surface with our hands.  His hand and my hand touched…

For  a moment we stopped to enjoy the connection, both looking up and smiling.

And then a shadow interrupted us.

Before I noticed the cause of the shadow my new friend had jumped up and was in a standoff with the dome smasher. My friend crossed his arms and stared the other boy down. The other boy decided it was worth the risk.

Just as the boy moved forward my friend shoved his palm fast into the dome smasher’s chest and the boy flew backward into the sand.

Before I woke up my defender had smiled down at me.


4 thoughts on “DOME SMASHER

  1. Distant memories brought back to live, yes one of the sweetness of life…

    i visit a old park (Burrard View Park) everytime i visit i’m reminded this i did the most learn throughout my young tormented life.

    What to my mind always is a little tinbox my sisters an hide in the ground and where i first learned to ride a bike, my father gave me one push by the time i was down the park hill, i was riding…


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