I sat with my eyes closed

Having finished counting stars

I concentrated on the night breeze

And the way it moved my hair

The summer rain was on its way

Smelling ever so sweet

Swirling in the dampened air

The crickets chirp

The frogs moan

Nature hugging me

Holding me in its serenade

I listen as it soothes my soul

And my thoughts drift

When I think of you

Do you think of me?

I let my hands feel

The fabric that cloths me

The cotton damp

From the summery air

My breath quickens

Thinking of your hands

Holding me, caressing me

Loving me under the leafy canopy

Letting the rain come

We sat glistening together

Under scattered moonlit clouds

Held together perfectly

The two of us entertwined

If only in my dreams

2 thoughts on “SUMMER DREAMS

  1. I hear Oklahoma has such wonderful forests, such places where such dreams are surreal when painted in night’s luminous light and soft rain, the kind Summer can bring to any part of the world in parallel.


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