Every now and then so much is going on in my real life that my dreams absorb the anxiety.  They stir up unwanted and unsettling emotion.  Dreams where friends betray me, loved ones are hurt, tornadoes force me to run.

But this dream came after a night of earnest prayer. I mean I normally pray… I pray hard.  I pray for me and for others just like me.  This night I prayed through silent tears that felt lonely and weak.  Enter this recurring dream I’ve had a handful of times since then…

The first thing I notice is the sunny day, I am looking up and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  I am lying next to a pool of water…still as glass and so clear it sparkles.  There is nothing but flat grassy land as far as I can see in all directions except for the house directly in front of me.  It isn’t a fancy house or a shack, it’s just a house.

I am slender and strong with a feeling that I have taken good care of myself.  I am wearing a white swimsuit (something I would never be able to get away with).  I roll over onto my stomach in the soft grass to continue reading from a book feeling very peacefully alone.

As I begin reading the book a deep dark shadow appears to run across the pages.  I look up at the sky and in the distance as if from a doorway are dark billowing clouds.  They are spilling into our world as if from space.

Once the sky is filled with darkness horses begin crowding through, horses in full gallop gracefully wild.  Then horses with warriors dressed in brilliance that glisten despite the dark backdrop of the sky.  They reminded me of how the sky looks after a really hard rain.

It didn’t look strange to see this army walking among the clouds, I felt a sense of overwhelming calm and peace.  I felt a strength I have never felt before; I felt every muscle in my body as if it had purpose.

Then came the horns, they didn’t sound like the apocalyptic horns we read about but they sounded like melodies, they weren’t scary they were joyful and in perfect time and pitch.

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