I warily shut my eyes

As reality shatters

Into a thousand slivers

Like a broken mirror

Fragments slice into my face

Gouging blindness into my eyes

I feel the purity in my blood

Flowing rivulets gracefully

Into trails of beautiful silk

Crimson ribbons slowly

Congealing on my flesh

Maniacal laughter rages

From beyond recognition

Loudly taunting me

Waiting for my decision

Choices beckoning me

My physical presence

Reduced and worn

Nothing but a mass of

Swollen and sweaty sin

Decaying in a heap

Trapped under the layers

Of a muddy and moldy earth

Save me from my dreams

The terrors that hold me

Save me from the images

That nightly haunt me


3 thoughts on “MUDDY DREAMS

  1. Like a glitch, crossing bridges along muddy roads, will drain life’s energy from within the soul, but when it rains we can dance, who needs roads and bridges, creeks and rivers are their own life blood and transportation beyond any season of limitations, any weight that believes gravity is real.


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