e55876d87fd111e3b92312c1a4c98edd_8Most of the times my dreams are just a bunch of different pieces jumbled together.  Many times my days bleed into my dreams.

We have been the best of friends

But never have we ever met

I had a dream about you though

We met for tea, face to face

We laughed as if we met often

Something I long to really do

For now though, it was just a dream

I fell in love almost immediately

Although I hid it from myself

It was never meant to be but…

For a moment in my dream

You were in love with me

And we sat watching the moon

In silence into a fictional eternity

I see your face often when I close my eyes

The energy, smiles, and laughter I buried

I try to forget but my mind, likes to surprise

I find myself feeling perfectly comfortable

Again in your presence, no expectations

My dreams torture me by bringing back

Memories as if they are still part of  my reality

I have a friend, dramatically seeking life

She wants to find her place among Gods

She wants what no woman can have

But in my dream the man of her dreams

He leaves his life and asks for her hand

It’s a sticky situation even in my head

She’s not that into him quitting the life he had

You disappeared one day, suddenly

Fond memories surface now and then

Like when someone orders sweet tea

Or when I see a motorcycle ride by

I never really knew you that well

But I felt like before you were gone

We were reconnecting, if only in dreams


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