I am accustomed to bad dreams but this one left me in a bad mood for a whole day. At the time I was in the middle of trying to keep a relationship that was beginning to turn toxic. I think the dream was confirming that things were changing and I needed to give up the control I was trying to have in the matter.

I was neglecting important relationships with people who needed me.

Eventually I really did stop being able to read what was behind those brown eyes. The brown eyes… today… really did vanish. Gone… just like the dream.

Now when I look in the mirror those brown eyes no longer haunt me… just my blue eyes staring back at me.


I had a dream

Filled with corridors

People without faces

Hunting for me

Roaming the hallways

Some of them sang

Poignant melodies

Echoing like heartbeats

Off the concrete walls

As I stood in the midst

Of my dream asylum

I saw a pair of eyes

The darkest shade of brown

Full of love or hate

No face there to tell me

The emotion they felt

Just eyes boring into me

Questioning me

Pleading with me

Hunting for me

Then as I stood confused

They blinked and disappeared

Leaving me with nothing

But the faceless creatures

That lingered looking for me


One thought on “DREAM ASYLUM

  1. They’re just lying there in mud, the quagmire that can often be life, their eyes closed. Perhaps they’re waiting or dreaming of the answers to something that there is no understanding to yet, its fear, for them and those around them, perhaps.


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