Clouds build in the distance.  Gigantic walls towering over the earth.

I feel small underneath them.  I feel alone.

I hear cars pass nearby, a man scream for a friend to wait up, and bass.  Bass loud enough to vibrate my bones.

I close my eyes to the clouds and lay on the ground.  Hot asphalt burns its mark into my calves and shoulders.  The bass thumps through me.  I think maybe it will stop my heart.

I imagine the earth cracking from north to south.  Splitting the globe in half with me straddling the center of the line.  My head south.  My feet north.

That’s the problem isn’t it?

I’m facing the wrong direction.

Before the crack gets too wide I change my position.  Head north. Feet south.

I let the bass pass from me back into the earth so it can heal the cracking surface beneath me.

3 thoughts on “FINDING NORTH

  1. I hope you didn’t get too burnt by the asphalt and that the roads cracks are sealing well. As I ponder… A nomad (change’s cartographer), a hunter and gather moves with the seasons, sometimes South, East, and West can be places to navigate, to equip one with reason and knowledge beyond the concept of North as an initial orientation.

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      1. All the best ahead then. Thanks, many opportunities to ponder over the years while working far from urban places, but not in isolation, always something to colour the day.


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