The blue glass cracks

Letting in the grey

Overwhelmed and lost

The ocean dissolves

What once was calm

Is peaceful no more

For the eyes that saw

Were blinded, robbed

Broken and shattered

By slingshot words

And now look

Look and see

Two vacancies

Perfectly adequate

Garbage collecting

Black holes

Ready to be fed

My inadequacy


One thought on “GARBAGE

  1. So is it inadequacy
    Which feeds your soul
    Or is it fear of the inverse
    Of adequacy; of being whole?
    For somewhere within
    That vile seduction
    There comes a point
    For logical deduction
    Tho half the pieces missing
    From my jigsaw brain
    I know this to be true
    We are the same –
    Unwilling to accept
    That any good is true
    (Pertaining to us) cos
    THEN what would we do?!


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