12003882_10207659499186525_3015237974455932675_nThere are many people in my life that mean a lot.  There is one that lifts me up a million times a day and would lift me up a million more if there were enough seconds in the day.  Thank you Lizzi for being you!

Friend love is the greatest love there is.  I know my sentiments are matched by so many others who hold you sacred in their lives!

There really are no perfect words

Nor tears drops that could be cried

Paths that could be ridden upon

Or remedies that could be tried

There really are no colored skies

Nor memories to be rewound

Mountains that could be climbed

To match the love in you I’ve found

There is no better universe made

Nor a better story that could be told

Poetry written and/ or spoken

Or dreams and hopes that could unfold

There are no wounds fully healed

Nor the unveiling of a beautiful soul

Hearts that beat in perfect rhythm

To rival two best friends made whole

9 thoughts on “NO PERFECT WORDS

  1. FRIST (because I had to)

    And WOW, Sunset…this is absolutely stunningly beautiful. I love it, and I love all the little references to small things which don’t matter to anyone else, and the beauty of the universal truths which we tested and found to be absolutely perfectly very true. I love your words, and your heart, and your whole self (as you know), and THANK YOU for this beautiful gift ❤ ❤ ❤ THIS is sunshine to my soul.


  2. I love love that Lizzi and Hasty have one another. So much. And that I’m honored to know Lizzi and, through her, almost know Hasty. Enough to love them both.

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