When storms are raging inside
He takes my hand and leads me
Outside where skies are blue
Where the sun can touch my soul
Or the rain can cool my skin

He wraps me in strong arms
And begins to whisper softly

Hey baby…
Look at the sky, how infinite
Listen to the birds, how beautiful

Hey baby…
Smell the grass
Imagine it soft upon our skin

Hey baby…
Feel my heartbeat steady and strong
Borrow my deep peaceful breath

Hey baby…
It’s not the end, it’s not the end
I am here and I won’t let it be

Eventually the curtains parted
And my eyes would begin to see
The storms give way to clarity
And the surfaces that had melted
Would slowly reform their solidity

Black and white swallowed up
By colors his love painted in me


5 thoughts on “PAINTING LOVE

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