There was an ache
That had settled
Inside his eyes
Dark pain so deep
It could cut air
And make it bleed

His life felt fake
Blurred lines beveled
And all his tries
Nobody cared to keep
His history so bare
Born fucked indeed

There was an pain
Lying in the shadows
Of her silent smile
Sadness so extreme
It suffocated night
And swallowed day

Her life was in vain
Black mascara gallows
Ran dark for miles
Coating her only dream
Too hungry to fight
Too tainted to pray

Their lives tangent
On a horizontal plane
Fighting to survive
Both waltzing with time
He loves her forever
And that makes him fine

Their lives are tragic
It’s hard to explain
Not meant to thrive
His love she’d decline
Though he is clever
Their paths won’t align


5 thoughts on “INSIDE HIS EYES

      1. I read between the lines
        And wondered if there I found defined
        A situation I knew, briefly
        As too brief, I knew you.
        Yet in that time, I looked into some eyes
        And saw the pain, and found to my surprise
        In spite of all the hurt he wrought of late
        T’was not within my heart, any more, to hate.

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