I stood flipping through records.  I didn’t care about the music but I loved the album covers.  The choices made for the sake of their art always fascinates me.

I stood looking at the cover of a girl wearing bubble gum pink fishnets.  She wore a tutu with combat boots and no top.  She wasn’t large breasted but not small either.  And she was bald.  The album title was “YOU DON’T KNOW ME”.  The lettering was scratched into her belly and dripped with blood.

I was going to buy it.  I wanted to hear what the music sounded like.  She was sexy.  She was in pain.  She looked sad.

A young man had been watching me from the corner of the record store.  He wore nice fitting red jeans and a black leather jacket with a plan army green t-shirt underneath.  His boots were just like the girls boots on the album cover.

The clerk didn’t want my money but said I could pay with a kiss.  The man watched as the clerk walked around the counter and stood right in front of me.  She had blonde hair with green streaks.  Bright green lipstick and wore a tight green dress to match.

The kiss was hot.

I began to leave the store when the man started singing.  He had found a guitar and was strumming it to the tune of “Rainbow Connection”.  Then he and the sexy clerk began singing.

Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

I smiled at how happy they seemed.

I woke up.


2 thoughts on “YOU DON’T KNOW ME

  1. Somewhere
    Over the rainbow
    Bright blue skies hold
    Shimmering reflections
    Of dream-bubbles floating
    Moon-river magical
    Way up high

    Mixed in the colours
    There we’ll see
    Lemon drops and lollipops
    The wide roadway home
    Perfection, distraction
    And me.

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