I am a silhouette
Drawn on the floor
Underneath feet
That trample me
Careless words
Outline my shadow
As you dance
Waltzing around
On seasoned toes
Her heels digging in
With you in the lead
Laughter heard
Above the music
Pinning me down
Keeping me low
Trapped far below
All the looks
All the touches
All the beauty
Of the one you adore


One thought on “TRAMPLED

  1. Felt a little oceanic… at times… while reading… Beyond the breakers and undertow takers, out beyond the roar and thunder to big surf, that’s where all writers meet up, to ride above the ocean, sea, reef floors, to chance their skills, to dance with words and lines, to be in the thick and the thin of the wind swept sea-spray, close inside all the senses, we breathe.


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