The wall oozed colors.

It looked like one of those melted crayon pieces that became so popular for awhile.  But this wall was still melting.  Colors dripped from the crack in the ceiling as if a rainbow had been murdered on the floor above.

I was mesmerized by the cascading palate as I sat in a oversized orange vinyl chair.  I noticed the color was flowing into a turntable cabinet when a woman walked in.

“Has anyone seen you yet?” her mouth was really thin.  It literally looked like it had been drawn on with a sharpie by someone too lazy to draw more than a dash.  Her hair was dishwater blonde and her dress resembled a garbage bag cinched with a strand of pearls for a belt.  She wore rainbow colored flip flops.

I shook my head as her cartoon mouth smiled a strange black empty smile.  She stood looking at me as if waiting for more.  I gave her nothing.

Another woman who looked exactly like the one who was staring at me walked in and pushed a button on the turntable. The Bee Gee’s appeared on either side of me singing HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE.

Their eyes flashed with the same colors that dripped down the wall.  They looked evil so I turned to leave but the floor dropped out from under me and I fell into…..

Wide awake.


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