I was falling…

I had just finished serving dinner onto 3 small plates when he fell into me.  His face was blue and he had froth coming out of his mouth.  I had never seen his eyes so wide with fear.  They seemed to scream, “What did I just do?”

I still had the skillet in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other as I fell backwards.  His arms were wrapped around my waist as if he wanted me to save him.  I could hear my daughter scream as we continued falling together in slow motion.

The fall took forever.

I knew as we fell…

He had taken all the drugs I had combined into the empty Calcium bottle.  Only harmless drugs because I was collecting them to paint for a photo shoot but he didn’t know that.  They were harmless unless taken all together.  That is why I wrote DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THIS in magic marker on the side of the bottle.

When we finally hit the floor I rolled him off of me.  He handed me a piece of paper.  The paper said…

Let me go…



4 thoughts on “FALLING

  1. Hello hasty, not read you in a long time i’m ashamed to say!

    It’s really because of you that my blogging has become a new experience..

    i’ve witnessed a similar dream, where the second pope, whom funny is the very same pope today, had a piece of paper given to him by the very first pope! (Stating that there is no god!) of course the language was not in english..

    Scary thought!


  2. Also glad it was a dream – I know I’ve had those falling dreams, the kind where you fall and fall forever with no landing – falling or flying? It can be hard to tell and sometimes transforms. Another wow poem.


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