I can still hear you speak

Your voice engraved

Somewhere I can’t see

Yet so deep it still bleeds

And still

Even now

Three decades later

That blood covers everything

A thin dried coating of mistrust

Ruining all good intentions

You said you loved me deeply

You wanted to spend your life

Being the reason I smiled

I believed you, trusted you

But you lied to me

You wanted my tears

To collect my pain

To carve your name soul deep

Scarring me so I could never

Trust another man again

I will never know love

Not the kind I could have known

Free of your forceful words

Telling me I have no choice

Telling me I have no voice

That I’m only good for one thing

And I will live my life wondering

Where you right?





4 thoughts on “ENGRAVED VOICE

  1. People hold only the power we give them over us. You can take that power back. You are not a single rose bud, instead you are the entire rose bush. He may have destroyed a single flower – he could not destroy the entire tree.


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