alarm-clock-1193291_960_720I closed my eyes
And sleep came
Showed me life
A different way
I lost you there
And I felt fear
With you gone
The world left
I stood so still
For the longest
Ticking tock
Click click click
Until time came
And swept me
Into its flowing
I breathe now
A lifeless breath
My heart beats
Without rhythm
Until my eyes
Open and see
Your lovely face
Looking at me
And it was all
An awful dream




2 thoughts on “JUST A DREAM

  1. I hope that waking will be better and better and better. I came across a Dr Seuss quote the other day, which I liked a LOT, and it was something along the lines of ‘we know we’ve fallen in love whe we want to stay awake because reality is better than our dreams’


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