His face kept shifting in front of me.

We had been talking.  Just polite conversation as we waited in line at the grocery store.  Bad weather was on its way and everyone was stockpiling water, bread and… cat liter.  Ice storm maybe.

The lights in the store flickered.  But I swear the man’s face flickered just moments before.  Not just flickered but communicated.

He smiled and said, “The storm arrived early”

His smile kept changing from a smile to a scowl as if he was a movie paused between frames.  I didn’t respond.  I could only stare at him.  My eyes felt locked in place.  It was if my eyelids were being held open with toothpicks and my voice had no power.

“Are you ready?” I heard him speak and yet his mouth was still smiling/scowling.

I felt myself nod.

He took my hand still looking into my eyes with his alternating mouth.  We left our groceries and walked to leave the store.  I felt like a robot with no will of my own.

What I saw before I woke was a sky filled with bloody hearts.  Not the cute rounded butt curved hearts but the ripped from a living body and still pumping and squirting kind of hearts.  They formed what looked like massive clouds and blood rained down upon the running and screaming crowds beneath.




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