I was walking through some woods.

It was dark and just hot enough that the breeze made my skin tighten with its touch.  I was nude and I had long black wavy hair.  The sound of crickets were loud and I could hear frogs in the distance.

I stepped on something hard with my bare feet and when I looked down I saw my bright pink toenails half hidden under some dead leaves.  Also, hidden under the leaves was part of a human skull.  I was getting closer to my destination.

Every now and then the moon would peer at me through the dense canopy of trees.  I imagined the moon was a pervert always trying to sneak a peek at me.

I began to slow down and concentrate on the ground around me.  This was were the voice was coming from.  I could here her whisper becoming a scream the closer I got.

The crickets stopped chirping here and the breeze grew still.  This was the place.  The scream became a sob as I came upon her bones.

I lied down next to her and when I asked her what her name was she said.

I am you.




4 thoughts on “THE PERVERTED MOON

  1. I am genuinely concerned. However, I do understand, based on recent events, why you dreamed of death. In dream analysis, death does not mean death. It more often than not means renewal. Laying down burdens. The id and the ego are in constant battle to make sense of it all, and that struggle is played out in our dreams. I know you are looking to “bury” the pain you feel (again, recent events) but suffering molds you….strengthens you. Do not confuse pain with suffering. Pain you should bury. But we must embrace the suffering.


  2. It was all dark and mysterious and creepy and atmospheric…and then you went and mentioned your pink toenails and I remembered how lovely our pedicure was and that was it – the entire atmosphere was ruined with sunshiney memories.


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