A letter lies crumpled up on the floor. Beautiful words scribbled with a loving hand holding the purest of intentions.  Proof that time was spent crafting love.

The paper balls grow in number.  Each one tossed never to be viewed again.  Each one tear stained and smeared.  Each one containing pieces of one’s heart.

But today she held a letter she didn’t want to crumple.  If anything, the words were meant for someone better than her.  She wasn’t who he thought she was.  It was only a matter of time before he realized his error.  No, this letter wasn’t for her. She would add part of the heart she had left to it and return to sender.  This letter meant something and shouldn’t be wasted on her.

She is a vampire sucking the life from all those she meets.

God protect the poor souls that believe in her for they will be devoured by her insecurity.


2 thoughts on “RETURN TO SENDER

  1. Once upon a time they were neither of them who the other thought. Her insecurities threatened to drain him dry, the real man she could not see through the prince-meant-to-be she created. It was not a love letter that came back to him unopened, just a Christmas card. Thanks, Hasty. reblogging


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