The playground hadn’t been taken care of.

The broken ground was dry and looked like hundreds of Pangea’s floating in dry mud.  The grass looked more like straw as it poked 12″ high between worn slabs of concrete.  The swings were all missing except for one.  It was left with its black leather seat hanging from one chain.  I could hear the squeak the metal bolt made as the swing swayed in the breeze.

I walked here because it was were I grew up.  It was wear I got hit so hard in the face with a soccer ball I thought I had gone blind.  It’s where I spelled out THINK GOD really big in sticks on the ground after having watched “Oh God”.  A girl also hung herself on the monkey bars here in the middle of the night my sixth grade year.

My daughter was walking on an old beam that was so wobbly it made her giggle every time she lost her balance.  Mom look!  Mom watch me!

I laughed and told her she was amazing.

My cell phone rang and I answered.

-Excuse me I have a man here who said he needs your help.

Then static

I looked up and my daughter was gone.

I got tapped on the shoulder and when I turned around there was nobody there.  Just a voice that said.



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