She wears the sun

As the living night

She is the dark

Cloaked in light


Inside our sins


Us sinners

She is the knocking

The rhythmic beating

Inside your chest

She is the adrenaline

Fueling your fear

The anger feeding

Your hate

She is the rot

Disguised by flesh

Turning us all

Against humanity


*Inspired by the movie The Exorcism of Molly Hartley




8 thoughts on “SHE IS LEGION

  1. That’s it. I need a separate blog where I can spew out my darkness; the part of me that struggles to be here. I don’t even have the energy to maintain a second blog, but this hauntingly beautiful and horribly horrible work of art completely inspired me (and I don’t do horror!). Thank you!

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  2. Connections spin out – A thought come to listen to “Sympathy For The Devil”, or “Raven Girl” — Hmmm – where was it that someone asked, “Who is more in need of salvation (or, enlightenment, or awakening -take your pick) than The Devil? And, an image from the Greeks – The Furies — and another question: Who or what would be the consort of that she demon, who her dark mate? What rough beast? Oh – had to listen – to those, and Witchy Woman (The Eagles), and Black Magic Woman (Santana), and The Falcon (Farina) — Quite a cascade from one poem. Thanks, Hasty. reblogging

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      1. Oh, that’s a good one too. I went looking in Leonard Cohen too. On a bit lighter note, there’s Friend of the Devil by the Dead. And, the blues classic, Robert Johnson’s “Crossroad Blues” which is the basis for the legend that he sold his soul to play guitar as he did, down at the crossroads. There must be more.


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