The sound of my phone woke me up.

I had forgotten to silence it last night and it wouldn’t stop dinging.  With each ding I could feel it vibrate in my hand.  I had fallen asleep with it apparently.

I had been talking to him again. With that thought fear spread through my body like a dry stream bed flooding with dam water.


I couldn’t get away from him.  He wouldn’t leave me alone.

I ignored my phone and let it ding insistently perched on top of my messy sheets. I needed to wash my face.

I realized I couldn’t get up.  My legs were tied to the foot of the bed.  Tied with? My heart was racing as I searched my memory for more.

I was texting.  I was upset and crying.  I cried myself to sleep.

That was it. So why was I restrained?

I sat up to untie my feet but I couldn’t lift my body from the bed.  My hands were free.  I could move but I couldn’t sit up.

I grabbed my phone.

-I am sorry for talking about your fat ass.

-I really like you but you irritate me.

-You’re a whore, prick tease.

-I am tired of fkn wit you.

-You ruined our friendship.

-Leave me alone cause your fkn crazy.

-You’re a stupid white trash bitch who treats me like shit.

-I tried to be your friend.  You can just fuck off.



-I have a few surprises planned when it wears off and you get yourself untied.

-<3 because I love you ❤


*Not often I have nightmares like this one.  I could definitely do without them.


2 thoughts on “HIM

  1. That is a scary one. I do wish you were spared such as that, but thank you for having the courage to write it out and share it. It is one of a type many, many women could easily have. Rebloging


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