He was in agony all night.

I only remember bits and pieces.  Flashes of that night.  I knew the surgery was successful even though I was paralyzed.  The nurse talking to me sounded like a skipping record.  I’m sure it was my brain losing part of her words.

“As the swelling…  brain goes down… regain feeling… eventually… walk again.”

“Man… open heart… eating… people.”

Wait?  What?

I tried to focus on her face but it was blurry.  Everything was blurry.

His moaning was joined by screams.  Those screams became more gargled moans.  It sounded like an odd opera with the beeping machines as accompaniment.

I had to move.  I focused on my nurse again just as she started stripping off her uniform.  She kept repeating, “It’s all because of you.” Each time she said it louder and louder until it was an unbearably loud scream.

I couldn’t move.  All I could do was watch and listen as she slowly walked toward me, her face grotesquely mangled into a fearful mask.  She stopped screaming and bent over with her face just close enough for our noses to touch and whispered. “It’s all because of you.”

“He was in agony all night because of you and now he is devouring people!”





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