Fog drifts soft over calm water

Shallow waters kept hidden from

The sun, the trees, prying eyes

The small sharp rocks dig deep

Into the tender flesh on my back

As I lie still



And staring

Staring at the underbelly

Of a smoky white blanket

Swirling this way and that

Above my head

Around my body

This is the place I will give up

Give up the tragedies

And the broken promises

Give up the traumas

And storytelling scars

Give up harmful thoughts

Like hopelessness and regret

This is the place I will give up

All the heartache and betrayals

The place that will heal me

Wash me from head to longest toe

The place that will feed me

Give me the strength to carry on

The place that will dissolve

Old flesh and make me whole

So I’ll lie here until the billowed mist

Dissipates along with every breath

And leaves me cleaned and picked

Only teeth and bones with no memory

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