The eyes appeared stark against the shadows.

Orbs of grey-white searching for something.  What?  I couldn’t possibly know.  I had been waiting for them to appear all night.

I sat naked but covered head to toe in mud as if I were Rambo waiting for my predator.  I needed the eyes to come near enough to capture.  All I really knew is that it was imperative that I caught those eyes.

Until then…

I would lay flat and silent, covered in black tar mud, on the top of my roof looking down at the pair of eyes peering out of the dark.

The moon was obscured by storm clouds but with each lightening strike the eyes would reflect the silver swords of fire that flickered across the sky.  If it rained I my cover would be revealed.  Without the mud my skin would be fluorescent white and capable of reflecting the lightening enough to turn night into bright white day.

The eyes started to move.  Slow at first and low to the ground.  They would disappear then pop back into view in regular intervals. Darkness swallowed them and then spit them out over and over again.

Raindrops began to fall just as the moon began to peek out from behind the clouds.

I could feel fat cold drops landing on my back and with each drop a ray of light cut through the dark sky.


I was reflecting the moon.

The eyes stopped and slowly looked toward the spotlight.  I was a human flashlight.

Another drop…

Another beam…

I dropped my head into my hands and covered my face.  Again my efforts were for nothing.  I would never ever grab hold of those eyes.

I could feel the light surrounding me.  The light always hurt my eyes so I refused to look at it.  I would lie still and silent until the rain stopped and sunlight came.

It was then that I knew…

those eyes would help me see the light…

see myself…

see what these eyes were blinded by…



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