I’ll stand and take my punishment

As the fire consumes another bridge

Licking at all the impiousness

Each dark thought brings to me

Your silence builds an army

Beset with a tortured violence

It torments and restrains me

As I stand waiting for the storm

To find its rage filled night

Ashes fill the atmosphere

With glowing sparks of dread

Just as the rain pours down

To cleanse the pathway

That once promised I’d be fed


7 thoughts on “BURNT BRIDGE

    1. It’s about my depression. Where does my clarity and logic go? Why does it stand silent on every bridge I try to build? Why can’t I beat it when I know it’s on a rampage to destroy me?

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      1. As in the fable about the scorpion and the frog, it can’t help it, its it’s nature. But, you do build bridges. I am walking one of them right now and it shows no sign of fire. Your words are weapons against it because with them you unmask it and show your light through it.


  1. Powerful piece. I read your comment above and I can understand how this would relate to depression. With chemicals in the brain that go awry it’s hard to know clarity at times. 🙏🏻🌺


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