Standing in a glass box

Peering through glass eyes

Soft skin turned to stone

With sandpaper thighs

Best view in the house

To watch the dolls move

So many performances

With useless plot twists

Oversimplified motives

And ridiculous themes

None of them aware

Of the parts they play

All walking around

Wasting their time away


5 thoughts on “DOLLHOUSE

  1. Puppet is as puppet does;
    We’re strung up in a show
    Never knowing where we’re going
    Or how we’re going to go –
    We don’t know if our story
    Is in middle or at end
    We only bounce along our strings
    And hope somehow to send
    A message to them ‘Out There’
    Beyond the bright limelights
    To tell them it’s important
    That we tell our lives, our fights
    Against the puppet-master
    Or the stage which holds us trapped
    Yet as we take a bow, we hear
    Applause, encores: enrapt.

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