Restless and fitful

The nights pass

Dread lurking

Through cobwebs

And dancing

On my belly

Violins screeching

As mosquitoes swarm

In droves driven

By the smell of blood

Sluggishly pumping



From one vein

To the next

As if looking for life

Hide and seek

Without the peek-a-boo

An “out of order” sign

Tattooed onto my heart

And a “Go Away” and

“Turn back now” sign

Staked just before

The entrance to my brain


4 thoughts on “LOSING SLEEP

  1. Yep, the insomnia of depression majorly sucks. Many were the nights working crisis I spent the wee hours on the phone with people dealing with just that, the only available ear. In your so personal sharing you speak for many. Here’s wishing this cloud lifts soon my friend.

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