I changed so often
I couldn’t see a clear image
Of myself in the mirror anymore
In the beginning
I was broken
And you offered to fix me
I was your project
To heal
To mend
To bend to your will
I was a good girlfriend
Faithful in every character
Every need met with a smile
Your will was my command
I was the picture of your desire
But after a time
You would erase me
Paint me into another world
Ask me to live as a different girl
You were bored
Needed something else
Needed someone else
So time goes on and I become
And become
And become
And become
Until becoming becomes angry
And hurt
And tired
And I ended up
The monster of your creation
I become the girl without a face
The girl without a heart
And you didn’t want me anymore
I had far too many layers of paint
And all my surfaces were chipping
Exposing all the other images beneath
Memories exposed for you to see
Reminders of
The man you no longer wanted to be




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