I should have known

The road would wind

All roads do eventually

I was a passenger

Enjoying the scenery

When the sky changed

It tried to warn me


But I didn’t listen

I just sat and watched

The rolling hills pass

The trees gather

Then disperse

The farmhouses

The communities

The small towns


Then go

So many different places

So many different lives

Struggling, living, dying

The clouds grew thicker

The rain increased

The wind kicked up

And hail began to fall

I was determined

To ride out the storm


The driver had jumped

I was alone

Speeding into chaos

And nobody

Was at the wheel

I wish I could say

I took quick action

But I didn’t

I thought for a time

About staying put

Letting the invisible man

Take the wheel

And then

For another bit of time

I cried

I let the noise

Wrap itself around me

But eventually

After a fairly long time

I realized I wasn’t alone

I had people waiting

Who loved me

Who needed me

I crawled slowly

Into the driver’s seat

I took the wheel

Realizing the driver

Had thought enough

To set cruise control

And that was something

At the very least


And here I am now

Storm is dying down

A new course is mapped

My daughter safely

Strapped in asleep

And we are headed

The both of us together

Alone and in control

For a better tomorrow


4 thoughts on “TAKING THE WHEEL

  1. I love this. The vivid descriptions really drew me in, and I felt I was the passenger. Wonderful piece. So glad you were able to take hold of the wheel. Onwards and upwards, always. ❤


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