His fingers move effortlessly

Over the surface with expertise

They know where to land

They understand the landscape

It is as if they are connected

To the topography telekinetically

But in truth they are skillful

Practiced and learned

Dedicated and completely sure

Of the movements they make

And the effort is magical

It changes lives and heals hearts

Just a few nimble fingers

Can make the world fade away

And bring light into the dark

How I am in complete awe

Of the guitar player and his strings


2 thoughts on “THE PLAYER

  1. Which of the such players who have brought so much into my life would I dedicate this to? Oh, what the heck, to all of them, from Montoya to Broonzy to Clapton to Bream to Santana, to Hendrix to Prince to …… (more) — Lovely, Hasty


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