No worry of moments departed
Because we left them at the door
The desperate and broken-hearted
Will come to knock no more

All the candles have been lighted
And, like shadow puppets on the wall
Our figures will fight the firelight
Until morning comes to call

Just a pause as we smile weakly
Fighting the emotions that we bore
I kiss your lips ever so meekly
And beg quietly for just a bit more

With all our days and hours numbered
On clocks that only tick-tock at night,
You swallowed my soul while the world slumbered
And even the moon above danced with delight

4 thoughts on “SHADOW PUPPETS

  1. Beautiful. Love the description of him “swallowing” her soul. And your lines at the end “even the moon danced with flight.” Gives you the feeling this is exceptionally right and should be, that the earth has been waiting for you two to love.

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