If nymphomaniacs were chefs, the stomach and the groin would finally start talking. They’d say: “Fat is sexy.” Enrolling all our sex addicts in culinary school may be the best way of dealing with obesity. Every meal of the day would be candlelit, every course would be dessert, and our food would make squelching noises and prematurely explode before it reaches our mouths.”             ~ Bauvard, Some Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic


He was handsome

And she was hungry

It had been awhile

Since she felt this

Wild hunger churn

Deep dark currents

Fluxing and flowing

Not in peace but

In a wild agility

Full of electricity


Like a vampire

She sought life

Not the sickly sweet kind

But in the fragrance

Found on his neck

The smell she craved

To fill her lungs with

The scent that called

To her native desires

Animalistic yearnings


I’m sorry she’d say

But I need you to hold me

To let my hands linger

On your breathing chest

To let my lips linger

On your hushed mouth

To let my body linger

On top of yours

For a lifetime

Or until I can get my fill



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