A dear friend of mine said “yes” to sex and ended up being assaulted and raped. After saying yes to sex the man started choking her, slapping her, and calling her a slut. She asked him to stop. He didn’t. I believe he even taped the incident on his phone.

She has been through many traumas in her life but this time she said, “But I said yes”. She feels like it is her fault. It isn’t. Read this and understand what I am about to say.

Just because you say “yes” does not mean you are not allowed to change your mind and say “NO” or “STOP”. Yes does not give anyone the right to do whatever they damn well please after hearing the word stop.



Ropes were fashioned

Twisted and tied

Looped around pain

And knotted with lies

A voice slow and steady

And eyes full of disdain

Of pleasure and agony

Of poisonous things

Buried themselves deep

Into her anguished sighs

Hands rough and scarred

Marking the many times

He tortured his prey before

Visible battle wounds

Tallying each of his victories

These creatures are his

To do with as he wishes

Because he is a warrior

And she… the conquest




6 thoughts on “DEADLY MISOGYNY

  1. Conquest is an action of war whether it is of a people, a nation, a race, a gender, or an individual body-mind. In every case it is violence and the conquered are told they are to blame, that they did wrong, that they deserved it, and to justify the violation the conqueror must also believe that lie. Love does not conquer, it frees. Love does not turn deaf to “no” or “stop”, it hears. Thank you, Hasty.

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  2. Same thing happened to me! Yes, can turn into no when unwanted violence stops. And if that no is ignored , it’s rape. I was raped like this, and it took me so long to realise it was rape. I thought it was my fault because I’d agreed in the first place.


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