The ground is shaking.

I am holding my breath waiting for the earthquake to catch up to my location.  It always did.  It was always quick.

I hear my daughter unloading the dishwasher while someone is talking to her.  I don’t recognize their voice.


Who was in my house talking to MY daughter.  I shot out of bed forgetting about the incoming earthquake.  I stood half naked looking at my daughter. Overnight it seems that she has become a grown woman.  She was talking to a handsome looking man.

They were both standing and looking at me startled by the fear on my face.

“MOM?   What’s wrong?”

I can’t say anything as she rushes to my side.

“Mom the doctor said you needed to stay in bed.  You are likely to reinjure your hip if you don’t let us take care of you.”

Us?  I can’t figure out why she is all the sudden an us.  Who is this man standing in my kitchen?  I couldn’t speak.  I keep trying over and over to ask her who the man is but the words just aren’t connecting to my voice.

And what does she mean reinjure myself?  She is leading me back to bed and we pass a mirror.  I am old.  Like REALLY old.  No wonder I feel weak.

The earthquake is still coming.  I don’t remember ever hearing one last for so long.  I am afraid it is going to be a big one.

I feel panic.  Why doesn’t my daughter hear it?  What the hell is happening to me?

The earthquake grabs me.  I feel it grab my toes then my fingers.  I feel its electrical pulse steal my breath and contract all my muscles.

The earthquake had come for me.

Just me.




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