Like in the physical world

There are dangerous places

In the emotional world too

Places you shouldn’t tread

And if you have to

And I mean absolutely must

Then it is best not to dwell

Don’t take a picnic blanket

Or plan to stay for tea

Maybe take a bit of extra time

To put on that coat of armor

And perhaps take your phone

In case you need some backup

It is amazing how strong we feel

Warriors ready for battle

Ready to trip and tackle

Feelings you know are there

Just waiting for you to say “hi”

It’s as if we can take anything

Mostly anything we might find

Anything we might run into

But somehow those places

Are good at hiding things

Best left until you’re charged

All lives recharged and saved

Because those places

Those deep dark scary

Motherfucking dangerous places

They don’t mess around

They have had time to build

Armies of thoughts

Battalions of enemy ideas

Just waiting to take you out

And they will

If you aren’t prepared

To light them on fire

To watch them burn

And in doing so you’ll be

Lighting up the world

They’ve been hiding inside


4 thoughts on “DANGEROUS PLACES

  1. I remember insisting as a child, at bed time that the closet door be closed, that dark place, darker in the night. Yes, it is wise to go as a warrior into our dark repositories of dangerous things. Guerrilla strikes are best, and bringing fire and light.

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