Feel my words
Read them
Let them flow
You the leaf
My words
The breeze
Sustaining you
Inside your whirlwind

But they won’t

I want my thoughts
To wrap around you
Drown you inside
A silent comfort
And caress your soul
Making your heart
Feel completely whole

But they won’t

Although my words
Are pure of intent
They aren’t dressed up
Or beautifully lit
They don’t saunter by
Or wink and say “hi”
They sit in the background
I won’t beg for your eye

No lipstick
No blush
No eyeliner or mascara
No fishnets
No pushup bra
No pouty skirts
No kiss me lips
Or gigantic tits

My words
Just Aren’t
Naked enough


*Based on a recurring dream I used to have about being left behind for something better.


5 thoughts on “FISHNET BLUES

  1. Wow! Sorry…. sapiosexual men are so rare. I read in post that means attracted to intelligence..but it does not appear in the dictionary… I just checked. sighs… still you get my point. Great read.

    Liked by 1 person

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