And still
To this day
I awake
For battle
Even after
All the trying
The kicking
The screaming
The struggling
The fighting
For years
Upon years
I will wake
Sword in hand
Ready to fight
Some days
I think I win
A glorious victory
Bathing me
In rainbow colors
Washing from me
The inky shades
Of doubt
Of horror
Of pain
But the shadows
They don’t die
They cower
And hide
And they wait
For the night
To slink around
And settle into
All your pores
They stretch out
And caress you
Whispering lies
With a cadence
That lulls you
To sleep
Where they tinker
With thoughts
Rearranging them
Where they dig
Up old memories
And prepare them
To wage war
Where they wait
Anxiously for day
To wake you
So they can watch
How you react
To their insidious
Well planned attack
Some days they win
Most days though
Especially now
Since I can see
How predictable
And insecure they are
I’ll prepare
Before I close my eyes
To kick their fucking ass!


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