This morning on the way to work I was listening to FUN’s song CARRY ON. I really don’t know the words but this is how the song made me feel.


I looked over to see
The beauty of night
Holding your heart
Preparing it to fly
I wondered and mused
Just for a minute or two
If it would fly to me and
Sling shot us to the moon
Then I worried and fussed
Maybe it would forget
Take off like a ship
A master of the wind
Far beyond the reach
Of my outstretched hand
Because without you
Symphonies have no sound
And my feet are so tired
Splintered and bruised
From treading on ghosts
Long ago buried here
And just like yours
My heart is ready to go
Away from this place
Full of broken dead souls
Dig me up before you go
I don’t want to fly alone

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