I can tell because of the fog
That I must take special care
I must write my name in it
On the foggy piece of glass
So as to not forget myself
It’s easy to get lost inside
The wisps of “here nor there”
Surrounded by smoky layers
Of “what if’s” and “why not’s”
I write my name so I can tell
I exist somewhere more real
And that I am in real danger
Stuck in a place much worse
Than Alice has ever found
A plane of existence where
All the regrets are lurking
Waiting to jump from clouds
As if they are real monsters
Waiting to release grenades
Full of poisonous green vapor
Where fields of buried mines
Sit armed and trip triggered
Where friends and foes
And passing random strangers
Stop and watch from the shadows
Hidden inside bushes and trees
To laugh and sneer and ridicule
Every step you take…
Just waiting…
For that moment you decide
You aren’t worth the struggle
It’s my name though
The one I wrote on that foggy glass
Reminding me
I am on the wrong side of reality
For now


A.R. at StarvingActivist.com
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9 thoughts on “WRONG SIDE OF REALITY

  1. I have been going through a lot of internal debate and turmoil and guilt and feelings of being judged and somehow though this is poem seems to be more a description of a mental illness, I drew parallels to it to my own situation. Hang in there and don’t loose yourself.

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  2. It is so easy to forget yourself and have to constantly remind yourself of who you really are and what you have achieved, else you can quite easily lose your sense of purpose. This is an all too familiar conundrum but exactly why I appreciate what we write, to remind ourselves of these situations and advise ourselves accordingly. And I’m extremely grateful for the reality of you too, always writing and blazing a trail for us all to admire and to follow 🙂

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