This dream was so unclear it was hard to piece together when I woke up.  There were so many faces and it went from theme to theme.  One of the clearest themes included Lady Gaga. I am sure I dreamt about Gaga because the movie “A Star Is Born” has been weighing heavily on my mind.   The bathtub scene particularly.

In my dream Lady Gaga and I were…

…huddled together on a bed in an old hotel room. Picture a Bates Motel room and you’ll get an idea of how sinister the atmosphere felt.   She was crying, her hair was a mess, and she was wearing a mermaid outfit (in real life I had made my daughter a mermaid outfit for Halloween one year… Lady Gaga was wearing it in this dream).  I was wearing fishnet stockings a pair of worn out black heels and an old pink waitress uniform.

She was crying because she couldn’t find some sort of line that was supposed to be on the road outside.  It was disappearing and she had to find it before the person she was searching for was gone forever.  I had the feeling she was talking nonsense. That she was overly exhausted.   I told her I would figure it out and she should sleep.  When I stood up to tuck her in she was already tucked in among a horrid number of bed bugs.  ugh….

I ran to the bathroom to find medicine because apparently that is what she needed for bed bugs in my dream.  When I got to the bathroom my daughter was looking in the mirror screaming.  She was also wearing the mermaid costume. I looked in the mirror and noticed the line I was supposed to find disappearing into the distance.  I crawled through the mirror and ran for the line.  I could hear my daughter screaming for me to come back.

The line was black like a thick inky fog that settled just inches above the road. I continued to follow it. I could hear Gaga singing.  I only remember some of the words… so I created a poem with the idea of them below.  I followed the line until I found her.  She stopped singing and smiled.  She asked if I knew where she was supposed to be.

I threw up instead of answering her.  I reached out for her hand but it wasn’t her hand I grabbed it was my daughter’s.  I woke up when Lady Gaga started screaming.


I would slip on gravity

Make peace with depravity

I’d hold tight to your insanity

As if it was the Holy Grail

Not broken, weak and frail

But a beautiful profanity

Take me to the edge

To the cuts we made

To the unholy reminders

That got us through

I need that pain to breathe

The fire to feel the heat

The slices to feel the rush

Hold me under the water

Until I fight for a life with you

Because I don’t know

Any other way to love you

Than to let you take everything


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9 thoughts on “TAKE EVERYTHING

  1. Wowsers! I’m impressed that you managed to recall that level of detail from your dream, even with all of the diverse things that were going on. I find it so incredible how dreams are supposed to help us work things out but when we get an episode like that which tangles everything together, it’s hard to know if there is a message going on or if it is just tiredness stringing everything together in one big ball to then jettison it out of your mind in a creative bubble afterward! I actually think I hear Lady Gaga in this, I can hear it in my head being sung under a pop song beat, it is really amazing, I can feel the fire and the heat in this, even if it came from a dark place in your dreams!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dreams are so incredible. I went a bit not having any and it was sad. Even the bad ones have something to say or to grow from and I miss them when they are gone. I wish she would sing to me more. It was fun writing something similar to what I remember in a dream because all your left with sometimes is an essence of something said or sung.


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