• Dreams don’t come so often for me lately.  So this poem isn’t from a dream but rather from me realizing I was sitting in a quiet house staring off into space.  I decided to give my emotional brain a moment to speak.  Don’t blame me it said… you are the one that feeds me.


Mixing colors

Purple into black

Feeding the frenzy

Swirling backwards

Down the drain

Blaming sanity

For the rainstorms

And insanity

For the rainbows

Mixing turmoil

Black into blood

Feeding the terror

At a standoff

Like an ornament

Finding purchase

In my brain


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4 thoughts on “DON’T BLAME ME

  1. Purple is my favourite colour but mixed with black it could come across as quite harrowing (or stylish depending on your wardrobe choice). I like the notion of ornaments finding purchase in your brain, if anything would stand out and take notice there it would be an object like a fascinating ornament or trinket that has some kind of detailed past history/backstory attached to it. But then I think is it a scary ornament and that would then give me chills. Another poem that gives much food for thought at trying to understand our brains when they are churning and spinning things around over a kind, sensitive and deeply emotional core.

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